I take product photos that are effortlessly stunning. 

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Get beautiful photos for your brand with a simple DSLR camera. 

Do you dread taking photos or feel overwhelmed?

Do you have a process you feel confident in?


What would your life and business look like if:

✔️ Your photos stood out from the competition and attracted buyers 
✔️ You had a simple, efficient process for photos that you can repeat any time
✔️  You felt confident and excited about taking photos because you know you will succeed
✔️ Your photos elevated your entire brand
✔️ You had a skill that would empower you and your business for life


☝️ This can be your reality in a shockingly short amount of time. 


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Step by Step walk through to creating your first batch of Photos That Sell using my simple 5 step workflow.

Backdrop & Surfaces: Ideas, tips and recommendations

Learn how to shoot on Manual Mode to achieve stunning results and gain maximum creative control.

Find out which camera and lenses will work best for your shoot.

Use the space and light your already have - no fancy setup required.

Cheat sheets and visual guides for easy reference

Learn my #1 hack to improve quickly, even if you don’t have time to practice

 Make your photos look polished and natural with my simple editing process

Create JPGs in the correct sizes for any online or print needs 

Images organized so they’re easy to find and use

Tips for easy posting and printing

No prior experience required!




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on a mission to make photography the easiest part of your business.




"As a creative or a small business owner, I realize you need to know how to create beautiful images as efficiently as possible so you can move on to other tasks in your business. 

In Photos That Sell, I'll show you my simple approach to creating consistent, beautiful images using natural light.

You'll soon see that you don't have to be a pro to capture & edit pro quality photos!

ANYONE can learn to do this."

"This course is fantastic! I have never felt comfortable using a DSLR...After Olivia's course I have fallen in love with manual mode...There is also an editing component that is extremely helpful. Her style of shooting makes more sense and gives me better images..."

PTS student, Prop & Wardrobe Stylist

"With Olivia, it didn't take long for things to click for me! The day I switched my camera over to manual I had the ability to create exactly what I envisioned and it totally changed my photos. Olivia has such an organic approach and made it so simple to learn and grow in my photography skills..."

former student, Portrait Photographer

For LESS than what it costs to hire a professional JUST ONCE, get empowered to create your own stunning product photos for life.

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Better, Faster & (Much) Cheaper Than Hiring a Pro

Hiring a professional costs an average of $100 per image. 

For many businesses, this is not an option. 

The good news is, there are MANY ADVANTAGES of doing your photos in-house, in addition to the substantial cost savings:

• Immediate gratification - have images the same day you need them

• 100% creative control

• Authentic brand voice. No one knows your brand's vision better than you

• Better results - when you can adjust what's not working on the spot, this saves time and eliminates the back-and forth


A Completely New Approach

Photos That Sell is different approach to learning photography,

because it was created for people who need to take photos for their business, and is designed to GET YOU RESULTS FAST.

Photos That Sell is a short, powerful, step-by-step approach that anyone can have success with.



Save thousands of $$, make more sales, and create a more consistent, polished brand.



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THE FASTEST way to learn how to take scroll-stopping photos + the exact workflow

Invest a few short hours to learn a skill that will empower you for a lifetime


Who is this course for?

Online Sellers and Small Business Owners

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. Photos That Sell will empower you to put your best foot forward + will enable you to communicate more personally, uniquely and effectively about your brand.

Creatives and Bloggers

INSPIRE. Whether you’re sharing about your favorite foods, brands, places or art, there’s always room to take it up a notch with quality imagery that shows texture and detail on a new level.


Photos That Sell is a great solution for anyone wanting to quickly learn how to use their DSLR on Manual Mode. The workflow and approach you'll learn is a powerful foundation for wider photography pursuits and can be applied generally.

Frequently Asked Questions

I chose to call Photos That Sell a Mini Course because of the SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME it requires to complete. It could also be called a "Power" course because it's THE fastest way to learn how to take professional level product photos + the exact workflow.

After completing the course, you will have:

• Finished your first product shoot

• Made decisions on branding, backdrops and colors that you can use for all your future shoots

• Learned how to shoot on Manual Mode using a DSLR, PLUS some insider pro tips to give you maximum creative control when shooting

• Edited your own photos and exported them in the correct file sizes

• Your first batch of images stored neatly in folders on your computer

• The printable guides at your side to refer to 

• Adopted a simple repeatable workflow 


More and more, people expect to see quality content in their virtual and real worlds. Using the iPhone occasionally because of its convenience may be a great idea. However, if it’s important to you to have high quality product photos that look professional in comparison to your competitors, you should absolutely invest in learning the DSLR! My goal for you is that you will create gorgeous photos that inspire your entire business to be better.

Any brand DSLR. A DSLR is a digital camera that uses interchangeable lenses.

Easy. No prior DSLR experience is required. However, basic computer skills are necessary. While this course is beginner level, it is also a professional approach appropriate for your needs. In other words, you shouldn't have to take other courses after this one - it's a complete solution.

While the course videos are about 2 hours total in length, I recommend planning about a week to complete the steps the first time through so you have time to gather materials. But you do you! The course and the photoshoot can realistically be completed in 4-8 hours, so it's definitely doable in one day if you choose that route!

There are 5 main lessons in the course.

This course is for online sellers, small business owners, creatives, bloggers, and anyone who wants to take quality product photos using a DSLR. 

To take this course you need your product(s), a computer, and any brand DSLR. 

My favorite lens to recommend for product photography is a 50mm 1.8 lens. However, as long as your lens has a focal length between 35-60mm or thereabouts, that will work just fine. I go much more in depth on this in the course. For the second number (1.8 in the case of my example above) - this is the lens's maximum aperture... the lower the better, preferably in the 3s or below. Don't worry if you're unsure about this - I walk through it in the course and you will have plenty of time to find a lens that suits your needs if you don't already have one in hand!

Well you're in luck, because photography skills aren't something you can be born with anyways! They're something you learn. Even if you don't feel like you've had success in the past, the instructions I give in this course are designed to demystify the photography process and give you a clear path to success. 

Learning to shoot on Manual Mode on your DSLR is not difficult, it's just new. It's nothing to be worried about! If you can follow a recipe, you can learn to shoot on Manual Mode. 

You may use any batch photo editing software for this course. I use and highly recommend Adobe Lightroom (which has 7 day free trial), but there are many other options that will work fine including many free ones such as Darktable or RAW Therapee.

I don't spend any time teaching Photoshop in the main part of the course. Photoshop is designed for working on one photo at a time and isn't the best choice when you need to view, sort and edit large a large number of photos.

Photoshop is more appropriate for troubleshooting or making additional edits that can't be done in a program like Lightroom.

My approach in Photos That Sell is to give you a process that is as simple and quick as possible and to avoid needing to use Photoshop at all. 

That said, I do include a Bonus video training on Photoshop called My Top 10 Ways to Use Photoshop that covers how to do some of those troubleshooting things in case you need it. 

No! My approach is to treat your shoot just like following a recipe. It's easy! The funny thing is, learning by doing is a powerful thing. By the second or third shoot you've completed using my system, you likely won't need to refer to course materials anymore and you'll realize you've accidentally memorized quite a lot. You can consider yourself truly "graduated" when you've completed at least 3 product shoots using my system.


What's Included

✅  Bonus Video Training: Pinterest Power-Up
✅  Bonus Video Training: Top 10 Ways to Use Photoshop
✅  Bonus Video Training: Adjusting Color in Lightroom
✅  Bonus Video Session: FAQs
✅  30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

Get Access Now for 1 SINGLE PAYMENT OF $297

How does it all work??

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You can come and go in the course website as needed and complete the course on a schedule that’s right for you. 




If you're unhappy with this course for any reason, and have put in the work to complete the modules, you can receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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Testimonial headshots photo credits: Hope: Kenzie Meeker; Lisa: Lisa Hall